This research project will evaluate the current conditions for the production of artists moving image works in the UK in order to reveal how these conditions might affect the sustainability of the sector and the critical capacity of the works. The research hopes to begin a conversation about structures that could be put in place to allow for new ways of making and for more radical practices to emerge.

It will involve producing a detailed account of a broad and typical selection of works made over the last few years, made within typical production contexts - from the main commissioning schemes to works commissioned by galleries or initiated by the artists themselves. It will include a range in terms of budget, scale, duration, type of work (e.g. documentary, narrative, animation etc.) and organisational structure. It will include artists that have been practicing for many years who can reflect on changing conditions/political context, as well as those at the beginning of their careers who have to negotiate the field for the first time.

The inquiry will start with an examination of economic and organisational conditions in order to establish how the works were commissioned, their budgets decided, and funding partners agreed upon. It will look at how collaborative relationships with cast, crew and others came about and were organised, how these affected the work and what distribution/outcome developed.

We will examine up to three works from 20 artists, with a range in terms of budget and date made. The artists to be included are being drawn up by Dan Ward, an artist filmmaker in consultation with Kate Parker (City Projects).

A summary of the research will be shared at a public event, and a report will be made publicly available. There will be a facility for comments so that a public dialogue can continue.

This is an independent piece of research commissioned by City Projects and has received funding from Arts Council England. City Projects will have full editorial control.